Support Branchline Banter

Branchline Banter is a railway centric podcast run by two students who are enthusiastic about the railways. You probably already knew that. However what you may not know is we’ve been doing this for (nearly) 12 months now (crazy, right‽). What you also probably were unaware of is the amount of time and money this show takes to produce.

For the average episode, around 24 hours in total are needed. This time includes planning, information gathering, guest booking, note taking, actually recording the show, editing the show, preparing the show notes, adding time stamps, preparing the YouTube export and actually publishing the show. Along with all this we also spend time keeping the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages updated and doing boring administration things (like writing this). All in all, it eats up a good amount of time each week.

We are both university students. We do this in our free time because we love producing the show and interacting with our awesome audience. We’re surprised how well this has done in a year! The biggest issue we face: it also costs us some money to keep going. This is where we would like your help.

If you have some spare change, we would be incredibly grateful if you considered dropping a pound or two towards us. It would mean the world to us and will help us cover the costs of keeping the show about. In case you’re interested, the cost breakdown is as follows:

An exciting cost breakdown

We also want to start (after COVID) doing in-person recordings every so often – this is difficult as we live at opposite ends of this island we call home. The fares to get to see each other are prohibitively expensive (Avanti!) so this is something we’ve not done yet (besides COVID, obviously).

This will not change our output nor will it change our dedication to creating the best shows we can. However, every penny helps us keep online and provides you with some cool extras on top:

  • Behind the Scenes content
  • Extended cuts of interviews
  • Potential live shows
  • A warm feeling
  • A shiny role on the Discord Server (and perks!)

If you cannot or do not want to send us anything, that’s ok! Keep listening! It’s cool that people listen!

However, if you do want to help, you can support us through Ko-Fi here.

Thank you for going above and beyond and considering this extra support. Listeners like you keep the show going!